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WJEC English Literature Unseen Poetry

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    I'm doing WJEC for my English Lit GCSE, and am struggling with the poetry aspect of it. I'm doing English Literature for A Level, and really need to get a high grade. If anyone has any tips (especially for how to structure the answer) they would be much appreciated. Thanks


    I am also doing WJEC GCSE English lit. Unseen poetry is on the 23rd right??

    Anyways, the acronym I am going to tell you now can also be used in your extract question for the texts you have studied. Tanks to my English teacher!!

    S - structure - why is the poem strcutured in this particular way? 4 seasons 4 stanzas? Stanzas gettign smaller meaning life is closing to its end?
    P - position - more of your extract question on your texts you have studied so don't worry
    L - language - analyse specific words and explain what they mean and link it to their authorial intention
    I - imagery - what images does the poet use to convey their ideas?
    T - themes - what are some reoccurring themes: loneliness, isolation, racism?

    C - context - this is hard for poetry if you don't know anything about the poet but don't worry. Again, this is more for your extract question on your texts you have studied
    A - authorial intention - what are they trying to get at?
    T - techniques - do they use any metaphors, similes, iambic pentameters?

    Before you start writing in the exam, write down SPLIT CAT and ensure you use the words in the split cat acronym. To achieve top makr sin poetry, you also need to speculate I think. So you say 'This could mean...' or 'I think this means that because...'

    I guess use PEEEL paragraphs maybe if you have the time and speediness to.

    P - point
    E - evidence
    E - explain
    E - expand
    L - lin to the context or authorial intention

    Btw I got a D in my mock so I really hope to boost this back up to an A (my prediction )

    i would cover, ''reading between the lines'' ''how language affects the reader'' ''technique by the poet? (dont purposely look for a technique to cross off your list, only look for one if it's obvious) '' '' why did they write this poem''

    tbh i'm not amazing at literature, especially analysing poems and i was even stumped on my unit 1 exam on the poem section (2015 wjec), my analysation was sooooo bad, the linking section was 5 lines because i ran out of time, i didnt even know what the poem meant but just wrote down a load of bs. but i came out with full ums. i either had an amazing examiner or i was writing things my brain wasnt aware of xD

    my teacher told me use A Smile to analyse the poetry.

    A-about, what is the poem about suggest the identity of the poem and refer to the title and its significance.
    S- structure, how is the poem set out equal lines in each stanza, does the poet use caesura, or in random order what does this specify.
    M-mood and atmosphere, what is the mood of the poem sad happy lively and what effect does this have.
    I- ideas, what ideas does the poem create and here you can add a personal approach which is specified in the mark scheme, how does the poem make you feel or think.
    L-language, what sort of techniques does the poet use and what effect does it have.
    E-effect, what effect does the poem have on you personally and in a general way.

    You should spend up to 20 minutes analyzing the first poem going through this list and do a paragraph for each except the last two language and effect you could incorporate into one paragraph, just to move on quickly as half the marks are for your comparison of the two poems.
    for the next 37 minutes go through this list with the second poem incorporating in every paragraph a comparison or a difference you should go into fine detail here as this should be your bulk.
    give yourself three minutes to check over no matter how much ground of the analysis you've covered end it at that time and look through your work you're guaranteed to find big mistakes.

    Brandon T??? Set 2 english Mr. McCarthy???
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