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Help please!!

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    (Original post by GoldLeader)
    Hi all,

    Got myself in a right sticky situation (6 days before GCSE's start...nice).

    Good friends with a girl (there's always a girl isn't there) and in a maths lesson I moved a chair aside as we were walking between two tables to make space for her and me to get through. She said why did you do that so I responded with "to make sure you could get through"... We have a lot of sarcastic jokes and didn't think this would be any different but she took it to heart (FYI she is very strong and skinny).

    She also seems to think I have a crush on her as another of my friends who is jealous of my friendship with her spread a rumour through school... Needless to say he is no longer my friend.

    We've only had one proper discussion about it and she's very annoyed and convinced I like her. I don't, I like another girl ( I told her who before this erupted).

    All sounds very insignificant but she is refusing to acknowledge. We are both in the same group and as such I can't turn to them for help as they won't pick sides. They have asked us to try and sort it out and I have explained my side of the story to her but she doesn't believe me. Am I in the right/wrong and what do I do?? This is also impacting revision sessions, not great less than a week out from exams. Thanks in advance!!
    mhh tricky sorry about this ... just forget friends and use the 6 weeks to focus on exams then after you and most importantly her have finished then try and make up! (I was in your situation but she was proper moody so we fel out but didn't have same friends ... so wasn't too bigger deal
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    Cheers JL, I think your right... I'm moving away after the Summer Hols to boarding school (scholarship, not that rich) and would like to be friends before then but I guess not the end of the world aha just frustrating, especially at this point
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