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My grandmother always used to say Hitler was a nice man

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    (Original post by fandom-queen)
    You know, I don't really know what his personality was, but I do consider his mass-murdering of Jews a not-so-benevolent-or-kind act.

    That being said, I don't think anyone, ANYONE, can deny that he was one of the best war strategists to have ever walked this earth. Like, he was Napoleon-level. He was an absolute mastermind. To go from losing the first war to almost conquering the world in the second........sheesh.......

    People should've listened to John Maynard Keynes........
    Actually he was dreadful and messed everything up by having to micromanage everything himself rather than letting his generals do their job, he saw himself as a Napoleon but he wasn't. We broke enigma because of the obsession he and Doenitz had with micromanagement. While almost everybody would give their sub captains their orders and basically say "come back when you're done, if it's important we will contact you" Doenitz insisted on given them their orders when out at sea and regularly updating them. Hitler interfered heavily in the invasion of Russia and royally ****ed them over there, the reaction was so bad on D-day because nobody dared move Rommel's divisions out of Calais without Hitler's express orders, and nobody dared wake him to get the order. Hitler was a dreadful military leader with a Napoleon complex. A great orator and political leader, but not military.

    (Original post by Maker)
    Looks like a troll, smells like a troll, its a troll!
    Please tell me how your smelling people over the internet.
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Updated: May 12, 2016
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