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Does anyone else feel awful because...

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    Does anyone else feel awful because they went to a university lower ranked than they were capable of? I had the grades for any university in my country but went to my local one, which is ranked from 130 to 160 in the world, I think.

    Even though I have lmao0debt I feel like it was such a ****ing waste of time. Compared to the best universities, the courses covered much less content (to give a slight indication, it barely touched linear algebra (eigenwhat?), vector calculus (what do dev, grad, and curl mean?), and no doubt other stuff). I once heard a girl say that only weird people went to the library (i.e. the university is filled with people who wouldn't have gone to uni 30 years ago). I would literally rather be surrounded by people from Eton instead of this (not that I dislike posh people but I'd rather be with smart people I have nothing else in common with than regular people).

    My degree was also a waste of time because even though it was a "respected" STEM degree, I realised that all undergrad degrees except for mathematics or physics are a huge waste of time. An engineering degree is just basic maths and physics courses along with engineering stamp collecting bull**** I.e. brain-dead corporate cuckoldry training. How embarrassing. This makes me look worse than humanities majors. Engineering majors are intellectually superfluous and corporate cucks. Humanities / arts people are only the first one. I remember that people would wear formal shirts and trousers when giving presentations and I found it ****ing awful. How can people see this as anything but cuckworthy?

    Also I went to university in not-England and did an integrated masters (common for engineering) which means my degree which meant my degree was 5 years!!!!!!!!!! Holy Jesus, people who went to university at the same time as me could be one year in to PhD stuff right now while my potential was flushed down the ****ing toilet.

    I'm at a university ranked higher than what I'm capable of, if anything. I feel like one of the dumbest/least well educated people here (even though I went to an alright school).

    Even though you're clearly trolling, getting into a university ranked 130 to 160 in the world is NOT something to mope about. Most people would still kill for that. Saying that all degrees except maths and physics are a waste of time is also ridiculous. So you're saying around 99% of all students are wasting their time? Quick, let's tell them!

    i go to the university of bolton, defo would recommend made lots of friends

    I think your situation wasn't as bad as you think.

    If your ability is higher than most of your course mates then this means you are likely to achieve the top grade (First - top 10%). In a highly ranked university, you would be competing amongst others with high ability which could've compromised your degree class. I know the point of education is to challenge yourself and to learn, but there are certain tactics you must consider, and balance between the level of competition and the end result.

    Also you might be surprised to know that Engineering students enjoy one of the highest starting salaries of all subject fields. It is also widely recognised as one of the hardest but most versatile degrees to do at University.

    Why didn't you downgrade your course to a 3-year BEng and do your masters at a higher-ranked University?

    Where do you want this road to end? My parents feel I should have gone to Oxbridge. Great, so what if I had? Should I next start to feel guilty for not getting the job/salary that I then ought to following graduation? Shouldn't I be further up the career ladder by now?

    Shouldn't I also be a better musician than I am? Better linguist? Runner?

    Just relax and don't start living with regrets now. There'll be plenty of time for that later if you really wanna waste your mental and emotional energy doing that
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Updated: May 17, 2016
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