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Problem skin

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    So i have mild acne dotted all around my face, and ive had it for about three years. My skin type is oily but dry in some places and fairly sensitive. Have seen the doctor and been prescribed benzoyl peroxide etc, which made my skin flare up horribly. Then tried again and again with the same results. I have tried countless shop bought products but cant seem to find anything that works for me and continues to work.

    Anyone got any recommendations of products at a reasonable price etc that are effective and will actually WORK for longer than a week?

    In mid-January to early-February (not exactly sure when) I went to the doctor and was prescribed Zineryt for my mild acne. It's kind of hard to describe what it is but I'll try: basically it's a liquid and powder that you add together and shake, then apply an applicator top thing (which is kind of like a cotton wool pad on the top of the bottle except sturdier, but that should help you get the idea) and you just wipe it on your skin every morning and every evening.

    I Googled it a few weeks into using it and found out that it works best when used with something like tea tree oil, so I also put on undiluted tea tree oil morning and night.

    My skin is genuinely clear now - as in, there are no new spots and the spots I had are all gone. However there are red marks left by old spots where the skin was damaged (which will fade over time and are away easier to conceal than my old lumpy spots). I've been out now a couple of times with no foundation and not felt self-conscious.

    One thing I would say is that it has been a bit drying but if you have a good moisturiser then that's fine. My Zineryt from the doctor cost like £9 I think and that bottle will last me a month or so. I get the 30ml bottle but I think there might be a larger one, not sure though. I would definitely recommend talking to your doctor about it though!

    http://www.facingacne.com/home-acne-...zineryt-works/ <-- this website tells you about it and is where I found out about the tea tree oil

    (Original post by frizzyqueen)
    Thank you so much
    No problem! I hope it works out for you
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