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gcse ocr history. cold war1945-1975 and germany 1919-1945

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    HELP!! I am an a* student in my history class and everyone asks me to help with essays and stuff. But when it comes to exams i always do worse becaude i find it hard to memorise facts. Like in yr 7-8 i would get the top levels(6-7a) out of the whole class but fail in exams. In yr 9-10 it picked p a bit but mainly because yr 10 out mock was about 3 -4 months after we started learning content so it was fresh. Noe i am going over it and doing flashcards but i still find it hard to remember facts. Everyone doenst know why bceuase i can remember lines for a play when i act(a lot!). But i struggle with learning it all and revising it especially as a lot of it we won't need but we don't know which bits we won't need until the actual exam! Everyone expects me to get an a if not an a* but i am really worried not knowing enough facts and germany source questions will bring me down. I got a b in my yr 11 mock which i didn't even revise that much for but I'm still worried. Especially as geography is a concern as well( A in coursework D in mock yr 11) with caee studies and key terms. Its all tooo muhc at once!!!

    You should make abbreviations to remember facts for eg to remember the Yalta agreements i remember it like this
    4 Free Japan UN Pays Land
    4 zones in Germany
    Free elections in Poland
    Japan war has to be entered by Russia
    UN formed by Roosevelt
    Pay of reparations by Germany
    Land to Poland from Germany

    since you learn lines and stuff maybe you're an auditory learner so you learn by talking so you should sit and revise with someone and constantly talk about facts so you remember through listening.
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