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How can I study when I feel depressed?

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    I suffer a lot with anxiety and depression which is a real battle when it comes to revision since a part of me is terrified of failure but the other really couldn't care less. Things have been getting a little more hectic and I'm feeling more depressed than anxious and I really don't see the point in bothering - I KNOW THAT THERE IS THOUGH. My question is this: how do you kick the feelings that depression gives you to get the all important revision done?

    Itll help you

    Take a break,meet up with friends.At least thats what I did,because I was studying too much and then got depressed.

    Personally I found the only thing that helped was getting better. My depression reached a point where it was so debilitating that I was signed off work for over 6 months, then put on reduced hours, and in that time I barely left the house and was physically as well as mentally ill. Since starting uni I've come off antidepressants and I'm doing much better and revision is easier. As a general revision tip I find being outside is easier especially now it's sunny, because I'm less tempted to sit around watching TV and the sun helps keep my mood up.

    I also suffer with depression and find I lack motivation to revise. What I like to do is make my revision look really pleasing I use lots of colorful pens and highlighters. So at the end of revising I can see what I have achieved, this mostly helps if you are a visual learner.

    I also like to take frequent breaks during revising and remember to have a drink and a snack because sometimes I find I go on autopilot and forgot this.

    Another very important thing is don't burn yourself out too quickly I tend to do a whole block of 4 hour revision one night and be so tired the next night that I don't want to revise again.Dont revise in to the early hours of the morning again this will burn you out and you need at least 7 hours sleep to help your memory. I suggest making a timetable so you can equally share out the hours so you can cover all subjects.

    You may want to find a study friend not necessarily to study with always but so you can test each other and compare notes.

    Write out a list of reasons why it would be good to get good grades. Remind yourself of these reasons when you are feeling unmotivated.

    This is probably my biggest motivator, treat yourself after you complete a night of revision. This could be anything from watching your favourite tv show, having some sweets or a bar of chocolate or just relaxing and listening to music.

    Remember to rest lots and make time for yourself hope you do well good luck!!
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Updated: May 12, 2016
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