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I'd appreciate your help: Social anxiety problem for the last 6-8 months

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    I become very anxious in situations where there are lots of people: whether I'm between them, getting picked on by the teacher in school or walking past people, I sweat, cough excessively, blush and it looks like I am about to cry.

    I also experience hypervigilance which, I think, is yet another symptom of my anxieties.

    My GP is aware of the situation (just general anxiety) but not the social aspect of it, nor do my parents.

    School has finished for me (completed Year 11 and have been at home for quite a while) and I have GCSEs from Monday. The difficult thing for me will be going to school and walking past others who I haven't seen for a while and they are most likely to approach me in an unnerving way.

    I used to interact with everyone so well but my confidence has been reduced since 2015 onwards I'd say.

    Anyone else had similar experiences and how have you dealt with such issues?

    Hey there, take it easy.
    That's what I try and do, I feel socially awkward at times, but I used to be a hell of a lot worse.
    I was once sick during an exam, not being nervous before hand, but somehow I panicked in the middle and couldn't control myself. anyway, after that week was a half term, and I got SO worked up about going back, about people asking me what was up etc. I ended up lying to my parents and pretending that I was ill for at least a month, and by then I felt absolutely terrified about going back. I had to go back for just last lesson each day for the first week, until I got used to it again and felt abit calmer, then got used to full days again. I'll never forget how worked up I got before that first lesson back :/. I don't know how, but I ended up back in school full time after two months transition back. Anyway, the point is, the more you get used to situations that you don't like, the easier it will become. Besides that, when you meet up with people before an exam, everyone's going to be anxious, you won't be alone. I hope this was of some use to you
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Updated: May 12, 2016
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