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Financial Analysis in Business (assignment help needed)

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    Hello all,

    Below is the the bulk of text included on our assessment brief:

    Your assessment should be suitable for a potential investor with very little financial knowledge. It is therefore important that you express your report using words that an investor with little financial knowledge can understand.

    Portfolio - Calculations, workings and summaries, presented in a logical format. These calculations will back up your report, should further detail be required by the investor (2500 words)

    Report - The word count has been restricted to require a report on the most relevant issues in a concise manner as would be required by an investor with little interest in a complex financial analysis. (3000 words)
    Your analysis should include the following information regarding the company:

    a) Important general points about the company, including its position with respect to its competitors. (20%)

    b) A brief analysis of the key aspects of company performance using a selection of key interpretation tools. An attempt should be made to explain your results from a company performance perspective. (40%)

    c) A conclusion which summarises the company’s financial position in the context of the current economic climate. (30%)

    Credit has been allowed for style, presentation, communication and referencing, in order to encourage good practice. (10%)

    My question:

    In essence, I am wondering how exactly the portfolio and report should be presented/ formatted. To me, it just seems strange that the word count for the portfolio is so high when surely the bulk of it will be financial calculations. Moreover, with this assignment, will I need to use an appendices or does the portfolio make this redundant?

    Any help and guidance would be thoroughly appreciated.


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