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A level History

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Why bother with a post grad course - waste of time? 17-10-2016
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    Exam technique tips? Exam structure?

    Don't do it!!!!!! It's impossible... I'm going to fail my exam next month :'(

    I don't know whether your asking for AS or A2. These are some tips for A2 but AS is similar.
    1. Read the question and manipulate it, find loopholes, for example Assessing Hitlers short term impact, just because there was non-Nazis running the Nazi economy, Hitler surely chose to leave it to these experts so does this detract from his short term impact?
    2. Plan the answer and tick off as you write.
    3. Use the question to answer the question, if its how far do you agree? Assess each argument then link back to question. You could write a sentence at the end summing up the arguement, this helps write a conclusion and if you run out of time you get marks for this.
    4. Be aware of timing
    5. Reach a nuanced conclusion.

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    (Original post by thehorndiaspora)
    Exam technique tips? Exam structure?
    This is more towards essay-like exams, rather than sciences (if that helps):
    1. Read the question properly, make sure you understand the question and don't take words out of context because this may lead to misinterpretation of it
    2. PLAN EVERYTHING - Do NOT start writing without some sort of idea of what you would like to include in your essay, make sure it's balanced if it's an essay where you have to analyse various factors, never just talk about one side, you have to show some consideration for other possible interpretations (at least in English and History you do)
    3. Practice loads of essays in timed conditions, don't lie, you won't have the extra time in the exam, give yourself the amount of time you will have in the exam, include planning to the writing time as well
    4. On the topic of time, keep an eye on the time when actually doing the exam, spend the correct amount of time planning and writing, don't overestimate how fast you can write, be realistic, practicing past papers will help you show how many pages you can get done in timed conditions and help you in the exam so you know whether you are on task or not
    5. Keep an eye on grammar, I'm not sure if it's a separate mark, but make sure your writing makes sense by actually re-reading your essay at the end, this way you can figure out if you have forgotten a key concept or a key name etc, and put it in at the end. Also make sure your essay has a clear intro, argument, counter argument, conclusion, so that it's coherent, cogent and clear.
    6. Stay calm, don't get too frazzled by the idea of the exam (easy to say, harder to do), go in and do your best, but remember exams are not the be-all and end-all of your entire life!

    Good luck!
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    Thank you all!!
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