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the patriarchy - Should we bring it back?

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    (Original post by FredOrJohn)
    I don't think you quite get it the vision.

    You could go for an ultra competitive, go getter aggressive male dominated work environment that could actually beat the Germans, Japanese and Chinese for a change (who are "Fatherland" type places).

    But you could also go for a feminist community society. Currently there is no community because married women work. It was stay at home mothers that created society and local community

    If married women left the work force and stayed at home there would be a community. But take it further, this is not the 1950s, so what sort of community could it be?

    Imagine, cutting edged home school where, there would be about one graduate woman per four children (nearly 50% of the country now takes a degree). The education of these new society children would be 10 to 20 times better than now.

    It literally would create a brave new world. Aggressive money making men out getting the dosh,

    Community spirited women creating a new generation of super men and women.

    It would be a nietzschean dream. A science fiction world taking us to a whole new plane of existence.

    Come on this is a STUDENT SOCIETY message board, why are so few students willing to give a view as to what they would like society to be like?
    I often hear art students from Chelsea art collage sitting on the grass discussing what they are going to do when they rule the world....

    Why can't other students also have views?
    No thanks. I want kids, but I'm not too keen on the idea of a husband and definitely not sex.

    I'd quite like a career.

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    (Original post by FredOrJohn)
    Its clear from looking at the globe that Patriarchy societies are out breeding liberal societies.

    So from a genetic/evolutionary point of view non patriarchy is a failure.

    To get the most babies, you, the male should be the boss, and, sometimes, even spank your wife into submission (at least the global stats appear to state this).

    a) Is this true?

    b) If it is true what should be done - should liberals attack Patriarchies and destroy them?

    c) Should women be second class citizens so that we (the west) be globally supreme?

    What are your views
    My opinion is that you are a rather bored troll, don't you have exams to do?

    (Original post by democracyforum)

    What's wrong with girls who:
    - Smoke heavy (so what?)
    - Have drinking issues (lots of alcoholics?)
    - Mental health issues???
    - Huge debts???
    - Only dating alphas??

    Only the other two are legit *****es
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    (Original post by Katty3)
    No thanks. I want kids, but I'm not too keen on the idea of a husband and definitely not sex.

    I'd quite like a career.

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    Well the debate was not so much whether woman or men like careers, or even if they can have them, but rather a female career path could, in this vision, be very different to the male career. A woman could be a doctor and a man a ruthless salesman that would make Wonga look like a charity.

    I'm talking, from the perspective of where we are now, ultra extremist changes
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