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DSA Doctor's Evidence

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    I put in a request for evidence from my GP two weeks ago and just received the evidence back. He filled in the form provided by SFE but despite a letter from my college stating that they need as much information as possible and a worst case scenario kind of thing in order to put in place appropriate support (and, indeed, get any support through at all) and a letter from me explaining the history of my conditions and how they effect me (I'm relatively new to this surgery so I thought a brief history might be helpful and save the GP some time) all he has put on the form as my diagnosis is anxiety/depression and in the box where they have to put the effects of your conditions there's just one word: anxiety.

    I feel close to tears because I had to pay £20 for this evidence and there's about three words on it after I went to the trouble of providing my history (and I did make it brief so as not to waste their time - no longer than an A4 page with clearly handwritten bullet points). I felt bad enough asking for evidence in the first place, especially as the GP said it wasn't really their job to provide evidence as it's not included in the fee they're paid by the NHS. I know they obviously want to stop people giving them unnecessary paperwork but as far as I'm concerned my GP is the only person able to provide evidence re. my medical conditions as I'm not under any specialists and I obviously don't have private health insurance or the money to go to a private consultant - there's a reason I'm asking for extra help.

    I'm not sure this will be enough evidence, which is why I'm posting this here. For those of you with experience will this be considered enough evidence to get a support assessment do you think? It also misses out my migraine diagnosis and that effects my life a lot (and is probably 90% of the reason for my anxiety and agoraphobia).

    I just feel like SFE ask us for this information but then our GPs don't understand why we need it. I'm really trying to get back to education after waiting for 7 years since my illnesses first forced me to leave university and this is the kind of thing that has prevented me from making it before. When you're already ill and everything is an effort it doesn't help when you're made to feel like a pain for asking for a paragraph of medical evidence. I'm already nervous enough about making it but I felt really reassured by the talk I had with my uni's disability officer - if I don't feel like I'm going to get the help because of this evidence issue I just feel like it's going to set me back again.

    Can you talk to another GP in the practise? Your evidence has to show how your disabilities affect your ability to study.
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    (Original post by Tiger Rag)
    Can you talk to another GP in the practise? Your evidence has to show how your disabilities affect your ability to study.
    He seems to be the only permanent GP at the practise. The others are listed as locums although they do have regular surgeries. I feel like it's my own fault for addressing the evidence request to him but I thought it made more sense to deal with the GP who I've been seeing since I joined this surgery. I've emailed the disability support officer in the hopes that she'll help me figure out what to do - it might be that she can help make it clear what they need to do or I might just have to go back and ask whether another doctor will be able to complete the evidence more thoroughly.
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