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Going limp.

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    My first few times i had sex was when i've been drunk and everything went perfect, from what i can remember... However around january, i pulled a girl that i know and went to have sex with her, i was erect, but as soon as she went to put it inside.... i went soft, we must have tried several times, as the first 3 or so times didnt work, i got uncomfortable and it didnt work all together. Now im seeing a girl and were reallly into each other, and i can get erect pretty easily around her, even when spooning. But as soon as im about to put it in her, i go ****ing soft, i've tried twice on 2 seperate occasions now and i really just dont know what to do........ i know im not gay, im not shy, i literally have no clue, is this normal because its really starting to get embarrassing and i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone please help. No trolls as well please

    Have you tired closing your eye's and thinking about something else?

    You need to see Doctor Freud.

    Go and see a doctor chief. Been there before. You may find it embarrassing but it's not going to be as embarrassing as trying to thumb one in with your burd. They'll give you something to take before intercourse. You'll probably find that having that as a fall back will take your mind off the problem and you'll stop thinking about it and in time you won't need any medication. It's most likely just a mental thing. More you worry about it more likely it is to go limp.

    There are a few possibilities of what could be happening:

    * Medication - are you on regular medication? Some effect your erection. From what i hear some people on anti-depressants have issues.
    * Nervousness / fear - nothing to be ashamed of. Has happened to all of us. don't think about trying to be the best shes ever had, what she thinks of your dick, etc.
    * Not enough foreplay - tried more foreplay? Get you more in the mood. Do other things (exploring the rest of her body) before getting straight to business.
    * A medical problem - if so see your doctor

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Updated: May 13, 2016
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