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SJWs donate $60,000 (AUS) to Thug

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    Duncan Storrar, the man the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) presented as a “new national hero”, has an extensive criminal record spanning over two decades, including threats to kill and unlawful assault.

    Storrar has gone to prison at least three times over the past 25 years for a string of offences. A Go Fund Me web page was set up for donations to Storrar, and has recieved over $60,000 in donations.

    Storrar, 45, captured the nation’s attention when he appeared on the ABC’s Q&A Budget election special, attacking tax cuts for higher earners, saying he didn’t have enough money to take his family to the cinema.

    Commentators on the left side of politics immediately developed an acute case of Duncan-mania. He was dubbed a "good bloke", then soon after a "national hero". #istandwithduncan started trending on Twitter.

    Storrar’s son, Aztec Major, called on the money to be given to charity, rather than his estranged father: “People should give it to the charity of their choice, not Duncan.” Mr Major said he didn’t know his father for most of his life but moved in with him when he was 17. He said Storrar’s extensive drug use — mostly marijuana — contributed to him developing a drug habit of his own and going into a “downward spiral”.


    Great !!
    Crime pays!
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Updated: May 13, 2016
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