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Brutal Homophobic Attack in Brighton, Sussex

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    (Original post by SmileyVibe)
    Guys in my school call each other **** all the time. The last thing they expect of any of their friends to be gay. Guys call other guys **** to be insulting just like girls can call each other bitc*es or h*oes before they fight each other. In fact, the guys call each other **** in a playful manner at least in my school. The same as calling your friend a crazy bi*ch in a joking a manner.

    I'm not sure what goes down in the UK but it isn't uncommon for guys to call each other **** in an insult contest in the USA. Maybe the attack was motivated for him being gay or maybe it wasn't. Who knows.

    Gay people are pretty accepted in America. I'm sorry for ignorance of how gays are treated in the Uk but compared to other countries/places, gay people have more rights.

    Good explanation of the use of fag (US context)

    What really bothers me is this scornful, disdainful attitude many people in the LGBT+ community hold, saying stuff like "ughh **** these white cis conservative males and their privilege, they've ruined everything!" or annoyingly introducing themselves as blabla-romantic blabla-sexual blabla-queer.. I completely understand that people fall under different parts of the very long and extensive spectrums on sexuality, gender and whatnot, but this has sadly become more of an interesting feature than a simply innate characteristic, and people are flaunting this around like idiots. That mentality needs to change, or else this movement (for the + part of LGBT+) will fail miserably.

    They are still protected by law, to suggest otherwise is farcical.

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Updated: May 14, 2016
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