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Watching TV during sex..

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    Today my girlfriend seemed different with me, not in person but with emotion towards me, e.g she was hardly puckering her lips at all for a kiss or even kissing back.... But she was asking me for kisses... and she would kiss my arm and stuff I'm bed.

    Usually she's all over me, proper kisses, wanting sex, just usual lovey dovey with me.

    So I'm thinking okay then, we finish watching a movie and I've been horny all night and she wanted to finish watching the movie before we had sex... So I wanna have sex now and I'm just like finding it awkward to get any sort of turned on reaction from her, it felt weird like I was molesting her in a way if that makes sense without sounding weird, anyway cut to the chase.... We start having sex and usually she gasps or has a moan out loud when I first enter her but today nothing really except a little one. I proceed to have sex with her and we're at a spooning angle with a film on in the background, and I look up and she's fully there watching the movie with no emotion what so ever or signs of pleasure, so I stop and just stare at her and say are you really watching television, she like shakes her head then turns to kiss me and then she starts acting like usual..

    Now I've been with my girlfriend for 2 years an we have an amazing relationship and we have amazing sex, so I know it's not bad sex lol.

    Anyone think of what may be up?

    The next step is to smoke while having sex!

    I felt like I was reading a poorly written version of 50 Shades set in Newcastle

    To have the tv on during sex in my opinion is the biggest turn off ever. If it were me I would turn the tv off even if she's watching it because to me its not the kind of thing you want in the background because as you found out its just a big distraction and an unnecessary distraction. My suggestion would be to either insist that the tv is turned off and thus allow you both to get in the mood the correct way ( I.E No Distractions at all ) but if however she turns the tv back on and spurns your advances then as difficult as it is for me to say it then you may be heading for a downfall towards the end, ok many of the other tsr members may disagree with me but if this what you're going through is a regular thing then it sounds like you may have to call time out because sex or lovemaking is supposed to be a sensual act between the 2 halves of the couple but it can be awkward if 1 halves heart is not in it as it can make the partner feel dejected and unloved. I am by no means saying that she's playing away nor am I suggesting that you do but first and most importantly I think you need to talk about it away from the bedroom and both of you lay your cards on the table to find some common ground to start with in order to see if you can find out what may be the root of the problem because until you start to find the cause of the potential issue/issues there will be no way to begin to rectify the problem.

    So anyway, try talking 1st and if that fails to begin the healing process then its time to just come out with it and find out where you stand and where the relationship is going.

    I apologise if this sounds harsh but its time to get it all out in the open and quick.

    GOSH man!!!! at least let her watch a movie smh... :noway: movies as also important in a way... you not even letting her watch movies

    I would say the honeymoon period is over. Next stage is where she prioritises the ironing over sex. On the positive side, at least she still gave a little moan..
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Updated: May 14, 2016
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