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Accommodation problem, need help

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    Hello! So I received the residential bursary . My problem is: My boyfriend will also apply these days for Aberystwyth so he will come with me anyway, even if he will be accepted or not and if yes maybe he will also receive a residential bursary but, I know that "twin"rooms are not available but I've seen plenty of rooms with a double bed so my question is, he can live with me in the same room? Are there any restrictions for that?
    I asked some questions directly to the uni but they only told me how there is no twin room available and maybe we can stay at the same floor but not's not convenient at all. I mean, yes ,maybe we will both have the bursaries but we also have to work when we will get there and I don't think that 's worth spending so much on 2 separate rooms.
    I'm really in trouble here :/ any help will be appreciated

    It's highly unlikely that you will be allowed to share a room.

    I'm certain you won't be allowed to share a room. I believe couples can live in the Penglais Studio's together. The uni should be able to arrange for you to live in the same flat however you really should live independently as 1) meeting new people and 2) if something goes wrong in your relationship it will be an absolute nightmare.

    Same as above, i doubt you can share a room unless you got the studio flat (but that'll probably be more expensive then two separate rooms). Besides, sharing a room with your current boyfriend wouldn't be a good idea as if you were to separate one of you wouldn't have anywhere to live. Just get the separate rooms and if you want you can always try and get them in the same flat. That way you have your separate space if it all goes sour (hopefully it won't tho). Good luck, hopefully it'll all work out.

    My friend ended up living in a twin bedroom on his own in Cwrt Mawr so they do exist. Although most advise that you live separately in case things turn sour and/or it gives you guys the opportunity to meet more people (2 flats of people as opposed to 1).

    I found out on results day that a friend of mine happened to be attending Aberystwyth also so we contacted the accommodation office stating our UCAS details etc. stating that we wanted to live in the same accommodation as each other. We also made sure to have the exact same preferences as each other in terms of numbering the different accommodations on the form.

    Give them a call, they're more than willing to help out. Probably best to do it now before results day 2016, they'll be very busy then!

    I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I'll join in anyways :/
    If I was you, and you really wanted to live together and share a room, then I would look at private accommodation in town. This will probably be cheaper as well.
    If you REALLY want to share, I know the uni do provide "family" accommodation, but they is usually a waiting list for this, and people with kids etc are usually prioritised.
    (but personally what I would do is get two rooms in different buildings and then just go between them both together - that way, you always have a somewhere else to do if your flatmates are being a bit too loud, or if you fancy a change of scenery)
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Updated: August 12, 2016
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