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Didnt think gf was like this. Should I be worried?

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    (Original post by offhegoes)
    Slippery slope fallacy. The point about changing habits was pretty valid, whether or not it applies to anyone here or whether or not you would accept it as a justification.
    ********. You have to get out of doing things of ''habit'' once you're courting. Hope you're single, if not poor sod.

    (Original post by SMEGGGY)
    ********. You have to get out of doing things of ''habit'' once you're courting. Hope you're single, if not poor sod.
    I've been with my girlfriend for nearly a decade now.

    To think that people change every aspect of their habitual behaviour at the flip of a switch once a relationship begins is naive. Of course the "habits" that some continue range from the mundane to the ridiculous (like one-night stands), with plenty of questionable ground in the middle. Being a little flirty with some friends can be a regular pattern going back years, and of course these things must change, but may not happen straight away. Nice for the partner? Not at all. Unforgivable? Not at all.

    If you wish to attack someone's argument it helps to do it in a constructive way, rather than falling into the trap of using a logical fallacy so commonplace that it has its own well-known name. Also ad hominem arguments, no need to be personal.

    You may then have to explain how / why you came across these messages. I wouldn't be happy either.
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Updated: May 16, 2016
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