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Build Muscle Lose Body Fat The Holy Grail

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    Old school thoughts where this was not possible but we know today that it's very possible. Please share your thoughts to help others.

    I personally have managed to build muscle and burn body fat while also gaining strength.

    It's not easy I did it with weight training 4 times per week and always trying to lift heavier than the last time while working at an intense pace. The workouts sometimes wiped me out for the rest of the day! But you need to lift heavy and be intense to build calories.

    Also walk for 1 hour per day at least on none workout days.

    Diet was the standard much higher protein and lower carbs. I use to buy M&S microwave meals as the healthy selction is high protein low carbs.

    Pre workout: Breakfast Whey & Oats protein (Pretty high carbs) then half a banana 10 mins before workout

    My after workout food was normally: whole/half a chicken breast fillet, half a tin of tuna and a bunch of prawns mixed with salad.

    Dinner: High protein microwave meal from M&S

    Snacks: Chicken Breast Fillet along with a tuna sandwich or prawn salad in the evening as if I doubt have carbs before bed I can't sleep

    Before bed: Casein protein

    This is a totally rough guide but a good example a basic clean diet. But I can't stress enough the need to lift heavy and work at an intense pace. If your not beating yourself up when working out building muscle and losing body fat want occur.

    That can only happen during your first year of your training, then it out of the window


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Updated: May 14, 2016
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