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Is saying no once not enough?

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    I went on a date with this man I met the other day. After dinner we went to watch the sunset and we had our first kiss. We kissed a lot but when his hands found the bottom of my skirt and lifted it a little bit I asked him to stop. Later in the car, we kissed again and his hand went to my knee and started to travel upwards. When I realized he was going right for my underwear, I pulled his hand away and said "stop" in a way I thought was clear. But he took his hand back from mine and dove right back for it. So I jumped and pushed at his hand and this time I was mad, insulted, and disappointed with his actions. The second time he really understood how serious i was. I didn't exit the car right away and he told me how he was sorry that he thought I was just being a tease and was "jokingly" saying no but didn't actually want him to stop. He was very appilogetic and understood exactly how badly he messed up. So he said. Do you think it's possible he made a mistake or do you think he just ignored my wants for his selfish desire?
    Obviously if anything else happens it would instantly be over because I don't believe he should be making that mistake again. My real question is am I being stupid giving him another chance?

    Clearly he does not have your well-being at heart. Avoid him, or you will just be repeating the above scenario each time you get together.

    Personal choice. I think in most cases people should get a second chance as well all make mistakes. Obviously his knows about what is acceptable are just a little different. I think its ok tbh (your call as you were the one in the car) but it would also have been ok if you had binned him if he made you feel uncomfy. If he does it again then bin him, if you want to make it clear then talk to him about it and how you expect him to behave. Nothing heavy, just that no means no should be enough.

    (Original post by Vonchichi)
    My real question is am I being stupid giving him another chance?

    I'd not see him again because he might rape you...

    I wouldn't see him again either.

    To be honest going up underwear at a first kiss seems a bit much, not to mention then persisting. Only really you can judge how you feel and if you want to give it another go.
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Updated: May 14, 2016
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