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situation happened a year ago but still on my mind

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    I met a boy last year that I really really liked and he had told me he liked me too. Maybe because of this I would usually go along with the plans that he decided when we met. (I wanted his happiness). How ever, for example if I ever asked him out for a coffee. He'd be like I'm more of a movie person and I just agreed. Something inside of me felt like his intentions were maybe not pure but my like for him made me totally blind to that and hoped he was the one. One day he came over to my place. Me being naive just thought oh probably he just wants to see my place. But within a few minutes, he just took my clothes off and wanted to sleep with me.

    I still remember that moment in my life. My heart sank because I felt like I was just some toy. Not a woman with feelings or emotions. I remember getting up, putting my clothes back on but not having the strength to express my emotions to the other person. I felt vulnerable and small. He got up and acted like everything was normal. I just asked him about his job and we spoke like normal. He got up and walked towards the door. I opened the door and he walked out.I was able to shut it with just him outside. He realised and asked where I liked eating (he probably realised that I was about to shut it). I told him the place and then just slammed the door in his face!!!!!

    I have no idea where he went (if he ever got back home that day or not). We didn't ever text, call or communicate after that. I still have his number. We both deleted each other off social media. It's been a year since this happened. I still remember this scenario clearly even today and haven't forgot it. I think I regret that I didn't tell him how he made me feel from inside before letting him go that day. It's like leaving words left unsaid.

    Something inside of me still feels guilty for just shutting the door in his face because in other respects he was a nice guy (and I had feelings for him and I'm not usually a person to do that). I'm finding it hard to move on and clear my mind totally. He must have thought that was harsh of me to do but it happened in the moment. I felt really hurt from inside. I think my gut instincts told me he was just using you. I was thinking to maybe send him a text to tell him so it's out of my system forever. Or I'm thinking too much and just let it go...I was wondering if you guys had any advice. Thank you!

    Don't feel guilty - he obviously deserved it, and, honestly, he deserved much worse. You let him off quite lightly.
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    (Original post by The_JoKeR)
    Don't feel guilty - he obviously deserved it, and, honestly, he deserved much worse. You let him off quite lightly.
    Thanks for the reply! Made me feel so much better!
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    Don't feel guilty. If he cared he would have tried to contact you after what happened.

    You have to be strong and move on.
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