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How can I study for AQA Biology Unit 1?

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    I've done all of the Unit 1 past papers and I've made notes on loads of YouTube videos. I don't really find reading that effective so my revision guide isn't great.

    Hi, I'm currently revising Biology Unit 1 as well for the exam on Tuesday! Here's what I use:

    My GSCE Science is an amazing website where there are videos (for the exam board AQA) on every single unit of the sciences. No word of a lie this has got me from achieving C's and below to A*s purely from using this. Its fantastic and I can't believe how much help its been to me. The only downside is you have to pay to access the site, but its not too much and its worth It from the grades you get. You can also get the exam style questions that you can try after each video on that topic to see if you've mastered it. In addition to this, there is learning checklists for every science unit so you can ensure you will know EVERYTHING you need to know before the exam. I would recommend this site to anyone!

    I don't use GetRevising.com as much as My GSCE Science, however it is still very helpful. It allows you to make online revision sources that you can print out and also you can make your own study planner to manage out your time before the exam. I personally use this website to create B1 flashcards on everything on the My GSCE Science checklist. I've printed these out and they are really handy, its even better if you can get someone to test you on them.

    I know you already said you do past papers, however AQA have a tendency to repeat questions that people didn't do well on. So I would recommend that you go back and learn all the questions that you got wrong so if in Tuesdays exam it comes up, you will have learnt from your mistake and will be able to give a great answer to impress the examiner!

    Gradeslam Is an online website where you can get help from tutors in all subjects, you do have to pay for this but you can just get the free trial which lasts 14 days and keep making new accounts with different emails. This site is great because you get put in a messaging chat one-to-one with amazing science tutors so you can ask anything your stuck on!

    Hope this help, and good luck for your exam!

    MyGcseScience is amazing. I went from failing in my mocks around E's and getting an A. Use it, worth investing after Unit 1 too.

    +1 on MyGCSEscience, definitely a must
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Updated: May 15, 2016
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