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Muslim girls future lifestyle

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    (Original post by Someboady)
    Oh trust me I'm aware of the responsibilities of being a housewife. But if the man can't raise enough money to fund a family I would EXPECT the wife to do a part in helping raise money i.e. by getting a job. If the wife is more qualified and is capable of earning more money than the man, then the man can become the "housewife". There has to be flexibility in marriage.
    Of course, the dynamics of things can change. The scenario I am presenting is that the man can provide for the family.

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    It's unlikely that just one earning partner can meet the financial needs of a family (unless they're earning very well, which you can't guarantee to be the case) without reliance on benefits. You'll probably need to work for that reason alone!

    Each to their own. It's not weird - you might enjoy family life.. whereas others wouldn't

    I'd like to work after qualifying as a teacher. It would feel like i have actually accomplished something. I don't want to sit at home and do nothing - i want to use my hard work elsewhere and get paid for it
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    Plantagenet Crown yeah I see what you mean but some women actually really want to work and make a career for themselves, actually most I know tbh

    DanteTheDoorKnob I agree with what you say about choice everyone should have it, only thing is is I feel like I will have to work like some other posters have said that it's hard to live on one income, also in my mosque there's no women's sections so I don't go so can't find a guy there

    VioletFeather yeah your right most guys get married really late at around 26+ these days,
    Yep I have the same thought as you, I've been learning to cook and clean and stuff and I've got good at it. I've mastered ironing Asian dresses and dress well always with nice simple jewellery.
    So do you plan to work outside the home then?

    Zarek well I like to think I'm a little adorable haha, actually I don't know what people think of me!

    s_ahmed2 aha even religion supports my view, but I still feel like it's going to be tricky for me to find someone like minded and settle down, yep the housewife role is underrated

    ODES_PDES loving your smile there
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    Also you don't necessarily sit home and do nothing, you can cook, clean, sew clothes, go visit family, help your elderly neighbours, go grocery shopping, even home school your kids if you wanted!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Muslim too so I get where you're coming from but I think your mum is right tbh. Life is hard nowadays and even a good income for a guy isn't always enough to live on. Being a stay at home mum isn't really a full time job anyway (my mum was one for years, she cooks from scratch and keeps the house in pristine condition but it really doesn't take an entire day's worth of work to keep the house together). If your future husband's ok with it then who are we to judge.

    Link this to anyone who tells you being a housewife isn't an important and worthy thing to do
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    (Original post by s_ahmed2)
    I agree with you, thats why the husband and the wife have marriage discussions before marriage, to talk about these things.

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    That reminds me I've seen people before get legal agreements about what they've discussed, one women got her husband to sign that she could work at long as she wanted, and they'd live without in laws, loads of other stuff, but an written signed agreement seemed a bit OTT and formal to me, discussions good enough otherwise it's like you don't trust the person
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Updated: May 15, 2016
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