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Speaker system

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    Hello everybody. I'm struggling to choose which speakers to use as part of my computer system and I would be grateful for any advice. I have three to choose from, two loudspeakers, and one pair of Sony headphones.

    The two loudspeakers are made by Creative and Genius respectively, with the former a 2.1 system (with a subwoofer) and the latter a pair of small stereo speakers with no bass enhancement. The Creative speakers, whilst they do sound somewhat better, are marginally more expensive than the smaller Genius pair, and without the subwoofer, don't sound that much different. The Genius pair on the other hand, whilst compact, sound somewhat tinny and also suffer from an interference issue when using its built-in headphone socket.

    I also have a pair of Sony over-the-ear headphones, which whilst they sound clear, can sometimes prove to be a distraction when I need to do work, especially if I listen to music. At least using loudspeakers, I am conscious of the sound they make and having to keep it at a reasonable volume. With headphones, this is of no issue, but on the other hand, can result in me getting distracted by listening to music too much and at too loud a volume.

    Whilst the Genius speakers are cheaper, the Creative ones are better made and produce a better sound. The headphones also provide a useful alternative and I am not sure which to keep and which to return. The Creative speakers are almost £20 more expensive than the Genius ones, but do sound better. That being said, I try not to listen to too much music, as I often need to concentrate on the task in hand. Therefore, perhaps the poor quality sound given by the Genius speakers would 'put me off' from doing that. I don't know.

    Again, any advice on this would be much appreciated.

    Anyone? I'm also looking for speakers for a future pc build

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    Buy the cheapest with the best value for money first. You'll have a point of reference that way.

    Buying without trying is the folly of the first choicers that want to get it perfect in one shot. You wont get it perfect. Go with the empiric approach.

    Creative. You want something that will last and sounds good.

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    "Whilst the Genius speakers are cheaper, the Creative ones are better made and produce a better sound"

    This is kinda the deal breaker here. The number one thing with speakers is how they sound. £20 is practically nothing and if it gets you better performance then Creative is the way to go. Whether you want speakers or headphones is down to personal preference. I use speakers for my main gaming rig but am considering investing in some decent over ear headphones for uni and to replace my cheap earbuds when I'm out and about. Also useful for other stuff besides the computer.

    All the stuff I've had from Creative has been solid. Can't fault any of it for it's price point. Creative is generally my recommendation at lower end price points.
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Updated: May 15, 2016
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