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Online F*** Buddy

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    So ive been on quite a few dating sites and theres this girl who lives a few miles from me who ive been speaking to recently. I subtly mentioned that i wasnt really looking for anything serious and something just laid back and fun. She agreed that shes interested.

    Shes quite pretty but i seem to get this weird vibe about her and im not sure what it is. Im always initiating the conversation and i dont really feel like i know her well enough to go and meet her yet. I asked her if shes busy over the next few days (shes not) so i mentioned if i could go round to hers and see her (to f***). Shes said yeah but i guess im just nervous about the whole thing. I know shes real, but shes also briefly mentioned that shes seeing someone and that it may not be an ongoing thing. Im not sure what to make of the situation really.

    Im a 20 year old virgin so you can imagine im thinking with my penis here, but in the back of my mind theirs some sort of doubt and im not sure why, maybe im just scared because im potentially about to lose my virginity or that im meeting someone i barely know online whos agreed to a shag. Thoughts? Advice? Should i take the leap of faith and just go for it? Thanks http://www.simplepickup.com/forum/im...lies/smile.png

    Why did you copy a emoticon over from another forum? A pickup site of all places.

    Anyway, I would meet somewhere public first; it seems a bit odd her willing to invite a total stranger into her home. I don't know much about the casual sex scene, especially online, but surely she must be a bit concerned for her safety? So should you be, regardless, so meet up for coffee or something and see if she's genuine. The hour or so delay in getting to her home will be worth it, for both your sakes.

    Hooking up as a virgin? Bruh.

    She know that? I mean, if she does and it's cool go for it my dude. You might wanna say something otherwise.

    Check for st deez nuts and other viruses. She may have malware, if you know what i mean.
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Updated: May 18, 2016
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