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How much compensation should I claim?

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    (Original post by floury)
    I don't feel that people are appreciating the gravity of my situation, as it was already stressful enough as I'd run out of petrol, for them to then add to the stress of it by being late and not phoning me.

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    You are obviously a troll out for giggles or a selfish and immature brat. Are you sure you are mature enough to be driving? You ran out of petrol because you are silly, you were given an estimated arrival time, you were not in danger, other people may have broken down on a motorway. You claim an inconvenience but you brought the entire problem on yourself.
    Just grow up.

    (Original post by floury)
    They've got back to me today and said they won't be compensating me and so I'm taking them to the Financial Ombudsman Service as this is a breach of contract.

    Posted from TSR Mobile
    Oh boo hoo. You seem to be rather entitled. If it's a breach of contract why don't you ask daddy for some advice? He will probably tell you it's all their fault and buy you a new pony to make you happy.

    (Original post by JamesN88)
    I might sound dismissive here(as I used to work for the AA and have heard this story literally thousands of times) but I assume they gave you an estimated arrival time not an actual arrival time when you phoned up? Sorry to be harsh but running out of petrol is a pathetic reason anyway to even have to call out a recovery service.
    I agree.
    Having phoned up the AA myself in the past (when i was with them, im with green flag now), they usually give you an estimated time of arrival. This can vary depending on things like traffic, other calls that the staff are attending to etc.
    If they had left you waiting for like 3 hours or something stupid, then i kind of understand it, but it wasnt.
    Plus like others have said, running out of petrol was your own fault. Its not as if it was a mechanical fault or something genuinely wrong with your car which you couldnt have forseen.
    Did you loose out financially because of it? (e.g. late for work or something). If not then forget about compensation.
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Updated: July 6, 2016
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