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best place to go on a lads holiday

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    I have done crete(malia) and playa des lingues, heard ayia napa was good but the drink is expensive, any other cool places.YTou know what im after

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    why would you recommend it,whats good about it?
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    everyone goes there... :p: not a bad reason. i'd recommend spain / greece i mean lads holidays aren't exactly meant to be to original destinations are they,,,,in fact the less original the better cos the more hot birds :p:
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    where would be the best for hooking up with girls
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    haha i like the translation of lad's holiday :p: this is where women are recommended to go on holiday... http://www.usatoday.com/travel/deals...s-travel_x.htm
    but thats american... i think spain and malia and places like that are populaar with the ladies..
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    Take a club 18-30s holiday. Or if you'd consider a city break, pretty much anywhere in Germany is good. In Osnabruck, for example, you get stupidly cheap (and good) beer, and there are quite a lot of ready and willing girls. Hell the pubs even give you free rubbers lol. Oh, and the youth hostels are ridiculously cheap.

    If he defo want beaches: Corfu? Zante? Kos?
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    Kos and Magaluf are pretty much the essential student piss-up holiday destinations.
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    I got back from Ayia Napa the other week, it was an amazing holiday, had a lot of fun! i reckon it's a great place for a lads holiday!
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    the best place for a mans holiday is afghanistan

    if you come back alive or not been kidnaped

    then we will safely say u r a man
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    Rhodes is meant to be good for that sort of thing
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    we went 2 magaluf last year n we luved it! a group of 10 girls went n dis year half of them are goin back 4 longer! the drinks are well cheap and they are well strong!
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    LA or LV any day!....you will get much more than beer, babes and beaches over there
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    Beautiful babes everywhere you look who openly flirt day or night.

    Dirt-cheap alcohol.

    Pirita beach is literally a stone's throw away from the old town.

    Cheap flights available.

    Go there now!
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    magaluf is chavaluf. its full of chav and ugly chavvy girls from uk. if u want hot babes go to st tropez.but it s quite expensive there.
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    go to falaraki! thats where im going on wednesday!
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    Why don't you spend the £300 + on a 6 pack, a minibus to blackpool and a hooker down by the pier?

    If you're feeling extravagant - you can chuck in a chinese takeaway.


    EDIT: on a serious note - barce centre had quite a few very nice ladies, and you can also go nou camp - that's what I call a lads holiday
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    (Original post by juanveron45)
    I have done crete(malia) and playa des lingues, heard ayia napa was good but the drink is expensive, any other cool places.YTou know what im after

    Aiya Napa, the drink is not expensive it is dirt cheap, especilally if you are in a large group
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    If you can afford it, Bratislava. Its more a Stag Do destination, but the girls are seriously beautiful. I dont understand why i never seen one ugly girl, and why so many were absolutely stunning. Its like 70p a pint and there are plenty of sluts/brothels if you're into that.
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    Cuba or Puerto Rico, but thats a tad pricey, so go with Magaluf - cheap holiday, cheap booze, cheap girls.


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