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What are your favourite revision snacks/pre exam foods?

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    When I'm revising I tend to avoid caffeine as much as I can because I wind up drinking mug after mug of coffee each day and becoming dependent on it. My sleeping habits are awful and it takes a real effort to stick to a sensible sleep schedule during exam time so I like drinking camomile tea because it's caffeine free and works well for balancing sleep. As for snacks I like cereal bars (especially those nature valley ones) and popcorn. I also try to stick to fruits like berries but I've been addicted to mangoes and bananas lately.

    As for pre exam foods my mum always makes fish the night before an exam. My grandmother lives in southern Portugal and so fish before an exam reminds me of home. Mu mum insists its good for brain function but I think that's just an old wives tale personally.

    Anyone else got any favourite revision snacks or pre exam meals?

    Revision snack definitely dark chocolate, my chemistry teacher recommends it.
    Also, toasted brown bread with honey.
    Camomile tea is a good choice for drinks, I drink ginger tea.
    I also make my own dark chocolate cookies made without sugar and butter.

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    revision snacks wise i love diet coke, especially if I'm feeling tired, it doesn't have enough caffeine in it to prevent sleep but enough to give you a buzz, also zero call. basically win win

    here i am going to like mcdonalds and kfc before the exam wolfing down loads of food, makes me happy, comfortable and satisfied helping me to be clam and relaxed for the exam
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Updated: May 20, 2016
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