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SJW academic research

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    Can we agree to stop this madness reaching the UK yet or should we stick to tolerance?


    Having sex with homeless men to make a stand against capitalism.

    "The following article reads the protagonist in Sarah Schulman's Girls, Visions and Everything as not only lesbian, but as hobosexual—a concept representative of anti-capitalist practices in both sex and labor. The hobosexual is developed as an extension of the lesbian flâneur, as a concept that requires reading Schulman's urban lesbian at the intersection of class and sexuality. Lila Futuransky's sexual identity is suspended and complicated through an emphasis on her desire for queer mobility; her urban movements connect her to hobo history, but also expose the effects of capitalism that thwart her urban movement."

    Having sex with homeless men to make a stand against capitalism.


    Maths exploit people and damage the environment

    "Is the mathematics presented in textbooks, trade books and standardized tests neutral? Drawing from critical theory and feminist epistemologies, the purpose of this research is to examine mathematics curricular materials through the lens of two questions: "What is valued?" and "Knowledge for whom?" Findings indicate that mathematics texts contain multiple examples of problems that reify hegemony, the exploitation of people, and a marked disregard for the environment. This article includes ways mathematics educators can reconceptualize mathematics texts as inextricably linked to cultural reproduction and furthermore, to use these insights to build ways that mathematics educators can disrupt the current narratives of inequity, waste, exploitation and the privileging of particularly narrow perspectives in mathematics education and replace them with more equitable, inclusive, sustainable and critical perspectives."

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