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Am I being too petty?

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    This is going to be long but I'll do a tl;dr at the end!!

    For maybe the last few weeks 3 of my friends have been like going out together (not inviting anyone else as far as I'm aware) and snapchatting it all, while offering no explanation - and then going back to me and the rest of our friend group like they haven't done anything wrong. I'm not that bothered, because honestly I don't even really like 2/3 of them. The one of them I do like I'm honestly quite surprised she's being so snakey?? Like she would alwaaays joke/complain about how it's only her, me and another friend were her only friends and how no one else would do anything at the weekend, etc.

    Like last year we had another 3 friends (lucky number lol?) who would, towards and during summer, completely go off on their own and found new friends, which no one was really hurt by cause they were dead annoying anyway lmao but anyway those 3 friends that I'm now talking about complained about them and said how rude it was that they didn't even explain they were 'leaving' the group and like sneaking off etc,but the current 3 friends are doing literally the exact same thing (apart from finding the new friends lol) ?? I find it so :// about the time of year they're doing this at because it's creeping close to summer and they started doing it just as we went on study leave, so they weren't like obligated to see us and couldn't be like pulled up for it non-confrontational-ly? So not a word.

    I'm dragging this on a lot, but they've tried talking to me since (especially the 1 friend who I used to be close with) trying to get me to go into town, etc. which I would just ignore cause I loove being petty. The one friend I used to like text me something along the lines of 'I miss you and I haven't seen you in so long, sorry I've been a cow and not ade plans' lmao not exactly like that but whatever, anyway I didn't reply butI was just like ????? you've constantly went out with those other friends and you're acting like it's suuuuch an inconvenience to invite the rest of us, but then complain about how you miss us? BUT after that I was like, it's so much effort to be nnoyed with people I might as well just start afresh and start talking to them again, which I did. But guess what they done ))))) went out themselves again lol??And that was just yesterday so I know that they'll just do it again, and again, and again. And that no one will say anything? (I had my opportunity but whatever) I KNOW that certain friends are closer than others,etc, but I'm like so annoyed at he 1 friend who I liked's complete flip-flopping if you even get what I mean. And tbh, they've done mor stuff but this is too ranty as it is

    TL;DR my friends keep leaving the rest of me and my friends out and then fronting like they want to make plans and that they miss us so much

    So anyway, am I being petty for ignoring them or should I just keep doing it and keep loving my life ???

    If you enjoy living your life this way then continue, if you feel your missing out then stop. Your not really being petty at all.
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Updated: May 15, 2016
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