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Exam stress: When it gets too much

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    Exam Stress
    Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

    Exam time can be a very stressful one. It affects us all differently. Sometimes, people find it more difficult than others. ChildLine ran a National Exam Stress Survey and found that 96% of the 1300 who took part in the survey felt anxious about exams and revision. 59% felt pressure from their parents to succeed and 64% felt they have never received any support in dealing with exams.

    TSR is running a campaign all of this week for Mental Health Awareness Week 2016 to promote and inform others of the state of mental health and to try and reduce the stigmas associated with mental health.

    Exam stress is something everyone’s struggled with at some point, but sometimes it gets too much. Everyone deals with it differently but at this time of year when time’s short, everyone else seems to be doing more than you and family and teachers are adding pressure things can start to get out of hand. Everything from the rest of the year somehow becomes worse, and at this point your physical and mental health can start to become a problem.

    If you can't start revising...
    Don't panic! Whatever people say you're not the only one, and anything you can manage is better than none. Try and work out what's stopping you- if it’s motivation, come up with a reward for doing things, so half an hour of geography gets a chocolate bar or an hour of physics means a TV show. If it's concentration, have a walk around or try with or without music on. If you have too much distraction, try a change of scene and put everything somewhere else. If it's fear of failure, take the smallest, easiest part and do that- then you've started, and you can do it!

    Whatever it is splitting things down into small, manageable chunks and ticking them off as you go is always good for feeling like you’ve achieved something. If you don't have the time to do that then try a past paper to show you which areas you need to look at most, even if you're doing it with your notes. Sitting down with a friend and testing each other is also good, but only if you'll actually get something done.

    ...Or if you can't stop
    Things things are more tricky here. The main thing to remember is that if you're exhausted in an exam you won't do as well, so whatever it takes you need to try not to get to that point. Make a timetable with when you're going to eat, sleep and take breaks. Make them as regular as possible and try and stick to it. If you can then exercise and be social a bit too, you'd be amazed at the difference running round outside for a moment or ten minutes talking to a friend can make sometimes! If you're talking to them then you're not the only one not revising too. Don't work right up until you sleep- even if it's only a few minutes, you need time for your brain to wind down and have some time for yourself.

    To destress everyone has their favourite thing: hot baths, walks, playing with pets, films, games, TV shows, books, colouring and online jigsaws are some common ones that a lot of people like. Basically anything that you enjoy doing and can take your mind off things for a little bit. You could always try something new and see how far you get by the end of exams!

    On the day of the exam
    Everyone has their own routine here but do make sure you know where you're going and leave plenty of time to get there, if possible check an official timetable too in case you have things down wrong! Make sure you've had plenty of sleep and something to eat, and if possible try not to cram and tire yourself out. If people make you stressed go for a walk round without them, they'll only make it worse.

    Once you're in there take your time, work through things methodically and try and stay calm. If you start to panic take a minute to sit and breathe, forget where you and have a drink- if it means you're calmer and more focused when you restart it'll be much easier. Make sure you know what the paper looks like, how many questions you need to answer, what time it finishes and what you should have with you in advance as that's all added stress you don't need. After the exam, try and move on and don't let it affect you in any that come afterwards. Tempting as they are the TSR-style dissections don't actually help very much!

    At the end of the day, whatever it feels like at the time exam results are not the end of the world. There's always another way to get somewhere and your health is far more important than anything else- they are not worth making yourself ill over, trust me I've been there! If they are starting to affect your life, relationships, sleep or general well-being then it's time to seek help. This could take the form of going to see your GP, speaking to student support at your school or university or opening up to a teacher, friend or relative. Childline and Nightline are also there to talk to, and have instant messaging services if you don't want to speak out loud. The mental health forum on TSR isn't the worse place to come either! Whoever you choose, a problem shared is a problem halved

    How do you cope with exam stress?
    What tips do you have other people when it's getting too much?
    How do you relax in exam time, is there anything you do differently to the rest of the year?

    If there's anything you struggle with in particular feel free to post below and hopefully people can come up with some solutions for you. Most of all, good luck!

    You can post anonymously here.

    We're holding various events and writing about lots of different themes throughout the week. Take a look here!

    (Original post by furryface12)
    Amazing thread furry! :excited: Really great advice :yep:

    Mmm, I either can't start, or can't stop.

    Great advice! Exam in 2 days lol.
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    (Original post by Yammy)
    Mmm, I either can't start, or can't stop.

    Great advice! Exam in 2 days lol.
    Most people are one or the other! You get the best (or worst...) of both worlds then

    Good luck for your exam!

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