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Why Britain should leave the EU

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    Why Britian should leave the EU?
    who is Britian?
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    (Original post by ODES_PDES)
    Why Britian should leave the EU?
    who is Britian?
    oops! thanks

    Eurosceptics always seem to forget that we actually get money back from being in the EU as well as a lot of other things.

    If we left the EU, we would be putting worker's rights, LGBT rights, nature conservation, animal welfare, tax justice, business regulations, climate action and gender equality all at risk. Sure, the UK might implement them back into our country after a while, but that gap of time where they do potentially do nothing could be incredibly damaging.

    Many organisations, including the IMF, predict that Britain's economy would decline after we leave the EU. Even Barack Obama, the leader of our biggest trading partner country, said that Britain leaving the EU would put many Americans off investing into our country.

    Another thing Eurosceptics do is complain about the money we pay to be part of this union. Of course, it is a lot, but as I said previously, we get many benefits from it. Annually, the average British person puts £89 of their wages towards the EU. Norway, a country who was NEVER part of the EU, pays £134 per person annually towards the EU. We would still be putting in money to it if we left, except we wouldn't get the benefits from it of being a member of the EU.

    He's a good orator, and he was particularly strong on the point about sovereignty.

    But his economic points were somewhat flawed. He claimed we would have no trouble signing trade deals ourselves, but that is a presumption which has been rebutted by the very figures with whom we would presume to make these deals. No wonder Eurosceptics were unhappy with Obama coming and pouring cold water on that idea.

    He also says that the trade deals the EU are making are being slowed down, but that is with good reason. Hannan makes it clear that he places great emphasis on sovereignty so he should be pleased that deals like TTIP are being carefully scrutinised. These deals include investor-state dispute settlement, which would involve corporations suing governments in secret unaccountable courts, thereby leading to a general driving down in standards. We've already seen it in the litigation between Vattenfall and Germany. It is eminently sensible that these complex arrangements be carefully considered and evaluated.

    Hannan also references the cost of staying in, without giving an idea on the economic advantages we get from membership, and which we would necessarily lose regardless of the trade deal we put in place. Hannan makes the point that the UK has limited natural resources and focuses on buying and selling, which is very true. But he doesn't mention how leaving the EU, with its freedom of goods and services, would hit use very hard indeed, particularly in the financial sector.

    It's one of the better arguments I've heard for leaving the EU, but it's still not going to convince me.
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Updated: May 15, 2016
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