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What should I use for travel after Camp America?

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    I'm off to work as a counsellor in North Carolina in 3 weeks. I'll be getting paid about $1200(£800ish) and I know that'll be given to me on a sort of cash card. But after camp I'll be travelling for a month and I know for a fact that I'll be spending all of that. What do people recommend for me to use after everything on the cash card is empty? Please forgive me if its a stupid question 😬

    Can you clarify your question? Are you just looking for cheap transportation?

    You're asking us what to do when you run out of money? Lol. Could always pimp yourself out.
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    Nah, I've got money in a UK account. I'm just worried about getting screwed over by bank fees and transaction charges so I was wondering if there is a good way for me to spend money in the US and not get ****ed by the banks. Looking for advice from someone who's been before with a summer camp. Sorry for not clarifying enough

    Best thing to do is just take money out, get it changed and take it with you.
    Then just take extra out when you need it over there but only do this once or twice (taking the maximum if you need) to avoid bank charges.
    And make sure you tell your bank you're going.
    mine was a pain and locked down my account even though I had given them the dates and times I was due to fly!

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    I agree about just taking out money from here.
    However, summer camp might not be the safest place so you could always look in to a travel money card from the post office

    You can use at any shops/ATM that accept master-card (basically all of them) and the only fees that will apply are if the machine has a fee.
    The exchange range is pretty ****, but compare with your local holiday agents as it might be worth it due to its convenience.

    Hope this helped.
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Updated: May 16, 2016
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