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Are you being bullied? Are you a bully? Read my story

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    One day in 2004, I was sat in the library yet again at school. I was incredibly lonely. I had been pushed into the bathroom and locked in by a gang of girls and boys who were seeking to ruin my life. They were barricading the door with tables, themselves and their school bags full of heavy textbooks. I was stuck in there with only myself for company. How did I escape? There was a window that was slightly ajar, I pushed it open and squeezed my tiny body through the opening into the courtyard. I got detention for being late for maths lesson, but I didn't care. Today I won the game and I was buzzing with energy. Why didn't I tell the teacher? I already had the label of 'grasser' and anyone who dared to 'grass' was beaten up after school.

    I couldn't face being jumped again by Sarah Smith and her gang. I couldn't deal with another ten minutes being barraged with verbal abuse as I waited for the school bus that never seemed to come. Even then, the pain didn't end. I couldn't stand another 20 minute bus ride shoving my way through the jungle of bodies that blocked me from getting to the front of the bus.

    I could never sit on the bus, because if I didn't stand at the front, I would be prevented from getting off the bus until it reached the terminus. There was always a bully dragging me back from the doors. I was nearly crushed by the doors on more than one occasion and then my mother would wonder why every day I came home with tears in my eyes.

    The day after I didn't know what I would face, cigarette burns, multiple bruising, being pushed down 2 flights of stairs, pelted with snowballs . stalked, mugged, tormented, name calling, punches, kicks, tripped, bashed against the wall, stuffed in a bin, wedgies, Chinese burns, shouting in my ear, wood thrown at me, slapped with a ruler, pierced with drawing pins, fingers stappled, finger cut with a band saw, seeing my name graffittied alongside derogatory terms, sworn at, mocked, locked in a bin storage area, locked in toilets, locked in classrooms, hair pulled, spat on, sexually assaulted, tied to a tree, tied to a chair, all this happened to me. and more.

    I lived this for 15 years....


    Because I got good grades.

    Did I kill myself?
    Did I want to?
    But then they would have won, and I wasn't going to let them.
    I am strong because of what I suffered.
    It is now 12 years since I left school.
    What has happened since then?

    I decided to dedicate my life to helping others who have been what I have been through. I want to mentor children and young adults who are experiencing bulling to enable them to have the support I didn't have.
    I help students with learning difficulties to achieve their English and Maths GCSEs in Secondary and Further Education.
    I have a MA in English Literature.
    I passed all of my GCSEs and A levels despite the emotional turmoil I was experiencing.
    If you are suffering and need help, please speak to me before you do something you will regret.
    I am a survivor, and you can be too.
    If you are bullying someone and you have read this, please reconsider your actions, or they will haunt you in the years to come.

    What happened to the bullies?

    One is a prostitute and a drug addict.
    At least 10 of them have appeared in magistrates court for sentencing for crimes such as theft, shoplifting, assault and fraud.
    One is doing 10 years for armed robbery.
    One is doing 15 years for murder.
    The others seem to have reformed.

    And I bet you're the strong and successful one now. :cute:
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    (Original post by Alexion)
    And I bet you're the strong and successful one now. :cute:
    of course.

    This has just made me cry and given me hope.

    We!l done x x

    I was being bullied up until a few weeks ago. I'd love to talk to you about my experiences could i PM you?

    Omggggg what happened is so horrible :cry2:
    I am so glad you could go through it , and I respect you for that. :girl:
    You are so lovely wanting to help others !! And you seem so courageous and amazing !

    I've never been bullied , and I am not a bully. It's been 2 years I finished school and I was my whole life the worst nightmare of the bullies. I was putting them at their right place. And some of them never bullied anyone again after

    Anyway I am so glad people like you exist , keep it up girl :heart: :hugs:
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    (Original post by Bekkiblu)
    This has just made me cry and given me hope.

    We!l done x x

    I was being bullied up until a few weeks ago. I'd love to talk to you about my experiences could i PM you?
    Yes of course you can.

    (Original post by Powersymphonia)
    in case theyre misinterpreted, following applause gifs are geuine and not in anyway sarcastic...theres always a few on here that never get my quotes/gifs...


    I applaud your strength and resilience

    well done!!!

    That's a terrible thing to go through so glad you are better now, you're such a strong person xx
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