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Donald Trump

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    (Original post by oldercon1953)
    Why does everyone think a wall is such an over the top idea? It's just a damn wall.

    Is it just the idea of it? Like, how dare us try and slow the flow of drugs and illegals into our country. Trump will, I think be elected and he will build the wall and Mexico will pay for it.
    It's going to cost a lot to build.

    Going to cost to maintain yearly

    Going to have to be patrolled (an unpatrolled wall will simply slow down people trying to cross some mechanism will be needed to turn them away)

    It isnt really going to stop illegal immigration (over half of Mexican immigrants are over stayers or are smuggled through). There already is a wall in part (one third of the way) and evidence shows it has been unless in preventing illegal immigration and some suggestions that it ha been counter productive. And in fact since 2010 net migration from Mexico is below zero.

    Beyond that even if the wall was a completely good policy (I actually think it will slow drug trafficking somewhat, though I believe there are better alternatives and that drug cartels will find away around it, if they are willing to build sophisticated submarines they are certainly going to get around a wall. ) it comes with his other absurd and bigoted suggestions and disturbing rhetoric (Muslim database, deporting Muslims, anti freedom of speech, revoking citizenship, terrible tax plan, poor economic plan and ineffective foreign policy)

    its a wall the length of mexico its not like its 50 miles long its like 2000 miles or something like that i have nothing really against the idea except for the money it will cost and drugs will still get to usa just not so much.

    1) He never said ban all Muslims. Just ones from Syria and Saudi Arabia.

    2) He never said ban all Mexicans. Just the drug cartels and armed gangs.

    3) If he did, so what ? It's their country and culture. They can let in who they want.

    4) America is a nation of European immigrants. Not third world immigrants. There's a difference.

    (Original post by govtandpolitics)
    And there are other ways to protect your country, rather than targeting an entire religion for the sake of a small minority. And in this day and age, it is ludicrous to believe that people like Trump think it is right to build a wall between two countries, to stop certain people coming in, and expect another country to pay for it.
    It is this day and age that makes a wall between countries a necessity. Trump has never said he wants to stop immigration.

    You said a country has no right to stop certain people from coming in. T absurdity of that statement defies reply but I would like to know how a person get radicalized to the point of believing that a country doesn't have the right to defend itself.

    Donald Trump is an egotistical bigot whom in which has beliefs which shock us all. Allegedly, (I haven’t seen a video but I heard it is true), he says he wants “America to be great again” (this was one of Hitler’s main aims for Germany), he also said that he wants Muslims to have a certain stamp on their passport as if their religion is a weapon? (Hitler did this but not on passports, he stamped people with certain colours to show their faith/sexuality/other) Trump also said that he loathed immigration and that he wanted all immigrants out.

    Honestly, everything he does links back to Hitler - a totalitarian. Although, he does not seem as much of an opportunist as Hitler was, but he still seems very dangerous and I believe if America votes for this guy, then we are all very ****ed.

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Updated: July 5, 2016
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