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AQA AS Geography 17th May 2016

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    Any predictions for what topics/questions may come up in Rivers, Cold Environments, Health and Population?

    Hey I do 3/4 of those and my teacher has helped us predict what could be on the following:

    Rivers: Case studies- flooding in medc/ledc or the soft and hard engineering ones like the 3 gorges dam or the river quaggy (there were no case studies in the 2015 exam), Hjulstroms Curve, Storm hydrographs and factors effecting it, Soft & Hard engineering, Erosional features (Waterfalls mainly). the 2015 paper had: meander formations, 15 mark question on long/cross profiles & characteristics of a drainage basin in short answer

    Cold environments: Case Studies - Tundra or Antartica or both if AQA are feeling it (again no case studies on 2015 paper), Fluvioglacial Landform and Erosional landforms (Peri and deposition were on 2015, a 15 marker on periglacial and short answers on moraines), Flows, glacial budgets could come up (hopefully)

    Population - population pyramids, boserup + malthus, factors effecting population change, fertility/ EMR etc ( Demographic transition models were on last year so unlikely to come up), the 15 marker on the 2015 paper was on how migration effected population structure and the impactions for balance between population and recourses so the 15 marker may be on the likes of China, Thailand etc. Also Transmigration may crop up.

    I do food supply instead of health so for those that do food supply: types of farming, geopolitics Green revolution (hard to figure out what could come up) The 15 marker for the 2015 paper was how TNCs have a positive contributed to the global food supply.

    (Original post by libbybonis)
    Any predictions for what topics/questions may come up in Rivers, Cold Environments, Health and Population?
    my teacher reckons the rivers 16 marker will be on flooding and the case studies of it. cold environments may be similar (with the antarctica side of it) as it was periglacial features last year
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    Thank you both! Hope you found the exam okay
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