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Extenuating Circumstances for Mental Health?

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    I am in my second year of a law degree and for the last few months I have been really struggling mentally. I missed quite a few of my lectures in the last few weeks of term due to my problems and today I have missed one of my exams.

    I haven't actually been diagnosed with anything specific yet as I am waiting for an appointment to come through to have with a psychiatrist which is worrying me as when I apply for extenuating circumstances, I won't have much evidence to provide but whatever is wrong with me has been seriously affecting my studies. I am still passionate about getting my degree and I really think not being able to either re-sit or go into my third year with make my problems 10 times worse so I need my uni to understand I have been struggling but I don't know how likely this is.

    Basically, I have been suffering with anxiety for a while but it was manageable alongside uni, then a had a close family member die last August, following that my mum was diagnosed with self harming anorexia and depression so I moved home to help her this year, and my problems escalated from there. I struggle with severe anxiety now, depression and I've been having a really bad time with it. There are reasons for the way I feel as outlined above, but I have so much guilt in myself about not being able to attend uni, when I am not feeling too bad I feel stupid and that I could have gone, but when I am having a bad period, I physically can't get out of bed or leave the house because of the way I am feeling I am scared.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any experience of anything similar and how you went about getting extenuating circumstances?


    I'm sorry to hear you are feeling unwell. I've been having problems with anxiety myself which meant that I had to take a break from my studies. I think your best bet would be to see a doctor as soon as possible. They should be able to give you a sick note if you aren't well enough to take your exams and once you've seen a doctor, contact the university immediately to inform them that you haven't been well. Tell them what you said on here (including the fact that you missed one of your exams). They will understand that you can't just wait for the appointment with the psychiatrist, particularly as you've been very unwell. Talking from my own experience, it might help to take a family member or a close friend who is familiar with your situation to the appointment with you if you can. I found it very difficult to talk about my anxiety at first and having my partner there really helped.
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Updated: May 17, 2016
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