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England Fan's reactions to Euro 2016 selection shows why we'll never win anything

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    (Original post by MagicNMedicine)
    This is true but a lot of the time we have only gone out of tournaments on penalties:

    1990 WC - semi final v Germany
    1996 Euros - semi final v Germany
    1998 WC - second phase v Argentina
    2004 Euros - quarter final v Portugal
    2006 WC - quarter final v Portugal
    2012 Euros - quarter final v Italy

    Now if we had even a 50/50 record in penalty shoot outs, and had advanced, we'd have a record which had more semi finals and maybe a final or two at least and our record would have been up with the likes of Netherlands, Argentina and Portugal in recent times.

    After every major tournament we have the big diagnosis of what's wrong, too many foreign players in the game, U10s play on too big pitches and parents put too much pressure, too much focus on fitness not skill and whatever. But there's one big simple change that could have put a different perspective: improve penalty shoot outs.
    I agree for the most part although some of our recent performances in open play have hardly been inspiring.

    Add in the hand of God in '86 and the fact that '98 and '04 were both blatant robberies with perfectly good goals from Sol Campbell disallowed, along with Lampard's goal against Germany that was closer to the back of the net than the line.
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    (Original post by Zayn is Bae)
    Your team severely lacks pace and width, bar Vardy, which means you're relying on your full-backs to provide it and Walker and Bertrand aren't the most offensively-proficient in the world. That team isn't bad but we're probably better off playing 3-5-2 with it (Sterling and Bertrand wing backs).

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    Not sure I can agree with Sterling at wingback...? The whole point of my team is allow dier/drinkwater to cover for the full backs who give the width.

    (Original post by JamesN88)
    There's talk today of Rooney playing on the left wing to accommodate Kane and Vardy which is complete lunacy IMO, at best he should be fourth choice striker. I think not taking Carrick is a mistake as well.
    Heard about this. Sky sources saying he's likely to start on the left of a front 3 in a 4-3-3. FML.

    (Original post by richpanda)
    Heard about this. Sky sources saying he's likely to start on the left of a front 3 in a 4-3-3. FML.
    Rooney's a liability for any team he plays for. I honestly hope he leaves united in the season. Blind hope but still. He's just not good enough to be on the wages he's on or being in the first 11.

    Since Rooney has to be in the team that's what i would go for a diamond with dier at the base and rooney in the AM role. England simply don't have good enough wide players to play 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 in my opinion.


    Walker Smalling Cahil Betrand
    Wilshire Ali
    Kane Vardy

    Although having sterling and townsend on the wings with Kane up top would be another option. Rooney Ali Dier(most likely wilshire) the midfield 3 behind them.

    (Original post by richpanda)
    Not sure I can agree with Sterling at wingback...? The whole point of my team is allow dier/drinkwater to cover for the full backs who give the width.
    They can cover the full backs but I feel that narrow systems only work if you have great attacking full backs (think Marcelo, Alves etc.) Sterling has played full back before which is why I put him there. It's a system that takes getting used to though I guess so it's fanciful to employ it. I can see us playing a team like you've put out, will be interested to see how it works tbh. I don't think pace is as important in the international game anyway.

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Updated: May 17, 2016
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