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WJEC AS ethics

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    The ethics questions were a bit😬 but i loved the philosophy

    I did teleological argument and theodicies/evil for philosophy paper and found them ok, I forgot to mention Leibniz for the problem of evil, do you think this will lose me many marks?
    I did Situation Ethics and Utilitarianism for ethics (only two that I revised so didn't have much of a choice). I thought the SE questions were great but I had a bit of a blank in the middle of the a. question on Mill's rule util, I only wrote about a side and a half in the booklet is this even enough haha? I wrote about the Principle of Truthfulness, how he rejects quantities etc, but I didn't really know how to explain why it leads to decision-making, does he give us any criteria?

    Surprised myself in that the phil paper went much better than the ethics!

    Oh, and for SE, I only mentioned one teaching of St Paul, the rest were Jesus, is this ok??? I did about five or six in total!

    Urgh hate exams

    Easy! All except for Situation Ethics, which I took one look at and thought "nope".

    What questions did you all do?

    I did Natural Law but i don't think that essay went too well and Utilitarianism which i thought were good questions. Hopefully i'll get a good grade aha

    For philosophy, i did cosmological & teleological. Both those questions were a dream

    I did natural law and situation ethics and for situation ethics I had two teachings from St. Paul and like 4from Jesus so it wasn't very balanced and I wrote two sides I found the 15 marker really good on that question as well

    (Original post by Haeben)
    I found it really good! What questions did you choose?
    I chose the one's on Utilitarianism (mill's theory) and situation ethics (paul and jesus' teachings for the a question) ! Found it so annoying because we had to do the second RS paper straight after
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Updated: May 20, 2016
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