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Nervous for Experience

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    I have secured a weeks school experience in a secondary school and a bit nervous.

    I am sure what to expect etc.

    Just a couple of questions...

    Do you advise that i wear a full suit with jacket, or just wear trousers, shirt and tie?

    What would you advise i take with me? Just a notepad and Pen?

    If you have any further advice, then that would be great

    Thanks if advanced

    Don't be nervous! I would just wear smart shoes with trousers, a shirt and tie. A notepad and pen is all you need and i would note various things such as how the teacher differentiates and checks for learning (assessment) and if there are any other skills embedded within the lesson

    Make sure you do not just sit at the back taking notes. Chat to the kids and ensure you get involved as possible. This way you will see if you actually do like it!

    If you've arranged it through the 'getintoteaching' website you will receive a booklet with lots of useful info for a school placement.
    In terms of dress, I went in a suit for my school experience and (I think as I am a mature student) some of the pupils assumed I was an inspector.
    I've taught in university before and dressing smarter does give you more confidence and I definitely got more respect in a suit than when I was wearing a cardigan. It probably shouldn't be the case but that was my experience.
    If you are not a natural suit and tie wearer than compromise with smart jacket. What do the other teachers wear?
    It's an old adage but 'dress for your next job not the one you are in'. Not sure if that works for pastry chef to coal miner!

    I'd wear a suit if you have one, you can always take your jacket off if that's what the rest of the teachers do.

    Pen and paper is all you need. Might be worth taking a red and a green pen too as I had one teacher who suddenly announced to the class that "me or sir will come around and sign off your books if you have completed your work" - I had to borrow a student's red pen (I wish they'd warn you before doing things like that).

    I found some classes quite difficult to observe in so be prepared for many different styles of lesson. If the teacher is doing lots of talking its hard to do anything other than pick up some useful subject knowledge . Some classes were revision where it felt like I didn't want to disturb their concentration. Most teachers seemed more than happy having me wandering around the room, other seemed a bit put off having me there.

    And don't be too surprised when the teacher introduces you to the class as a teacher from another outstanding school - no pressure there then

    I would wear a suit for your first day. Looking smart also means students (not all of them) seem to take you more seriously - one of the teachers told me her year 7 class were on best behaviour as they thought I was someone important!
    I took a smart briefcase sized bag with a folder, some paper and pens. The folder came in useful as a lot of teachers gave me a copy of whatever worksheet they were handing out to the class.
    As for observations, I waited for the teacher's indications on whether to take part in the class or not. Most of them are happy to have you walking around the class and helping pupils with different tasks but there was one who obviously didn't like having someone in the room and only allowed me to sit and watch.
    And make sure you take a sandwich and a bottle of water!

    Suit or blazer/chinos with tie is what I went for (both private and state experience).
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Updated: May 22, 2016
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