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Thinking aloud about the nature of life

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    Firstly, can someone please explain to me what life and consciousness and sentience are respectively? What reactions go on to create these things in what would otherwise be inanimate lifeless objects?

    I am especially interested in consciousness. I simply cannot get my head around it and what happens to breathe into a human being like myself an individual consciousness. Is it really as base as flesh and electricity and if so how does that explain life and consciousness when a steak taped to my mains adaptor doesn't seem to produce similar effects?

    Secondly how is it that of the literally hundreds of billions of organisms on earth we just happened to assume consciousness in not only members of the planet's supreme species but for most of us members of some of the most privileged members of that species which numbers around 7 billion in itself?

    It baffles me that we have all won odds which must be equivelent to winning the Euro millions several times over. Repeated reincarnation seems to me the most rational explanation if only because it is so much more statistically probable that I have been any number of lesser organisms over tens of millions of years than that for my one and only chance I chanced upon the winning ticket in a haystack of literally billions of others.
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    I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on this
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Updated: June 12, 2016
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