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US or UK high school/secondary?

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    I'm planning to study in the UK (Cambridge, preferably xD) and right now I'm finishing up 8th grade in an American curriculum. I have the choice of switching over to British secondary (and taking GCSEs and A-Levels) or continuing in American (SATs and AP courses).
    My parents chose to homeschool me since 3rd grade (before that I was in a British school), and the online American curriculum I'm in right now is award winning and certified, and I've gotten As in every single course except German last semester (I got a B) and in standardized testing I'm getting the highest or nearly highest scores possible (The average is 50th percentile, and I'm getting 80-99th percentile. 99th is the highest possible.). Since a lot of it depends on teaching myself, American high school, especially AP courses, will be difficult. I've heard that you if you can get hold of the materials (you can get them from the British embassy I think), you can homeschool and study for less time and get results that are as good as what I would get with American. I can also do an online program, like K12 but British.
    I'm also considering staying with American but studying for and taking GSCEs and taking an extra year after 12th grade to do A-Levels (I started school early, so if I did that I would graduate at 18 instead of 17), but it might be too hard or even impossible.
    In any case, I just want to do whatever will help me learn as much as possible, preferably without studying taking over my entire life, and whatever will help me get into Cambridge or another UK uni. Which is best?

    Not aure you should bother switching systems if you're doing well-enough in your own. Indeed, the UK system is more highly regarded but it is also difficult. You would be hard pressed with transitioning time and stuff. I'd just do what you are doing.
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Updated: May 17, 2016
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