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Best rowing college?

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    I'm a US citizen, student, and cox at one of the best high schools for rowing and the best for academics in the country. I want to apply to Oxford as a medical student and i was wondering if any of the colleges that were known to be good at medicine have good rowing programs? Past cox'ns from my school have raced and coxed boats for Oxford in The Boat Race, and while i know I likely won't make the squad until a bit later if I study at Oxford, I'm hoping to eventually qualify for one of the coxswain spots. So, given my aspirations, are there any colleges that would be better than others to look into applying too?

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    Cambridge won the men's boat race this year... Just saying

    (Original post by lpapadakis)
    i was wondering if any of the colleges that were known to be good at medicine have good rowing programs?
    there's no such thing as "a college known to be good for medicine" so you need only look for the rowing college that suits your needs and then apply for medicine there.

    if you applied to Cambridge...

    Gonville & Caius is a top medical and rowing College

    Rowing is a favourite pasttime within most of the Oxford colleges. They can't seem to agree on anything.

    For the sport though you can look at OURCs for which colleges have been head of the river recently if its high-level that you want. It'll be Pembroke/Oriel/Christchurch basically. All colleges have pretty great participation with the top boats training 8x per week pretty universally.

    Hope you're prepared for bumps racing

    As previously mentioned...

    1. Pembroke
    2. Oriel
    3. Balliol

    I row in Oxford (with my school, not the uni) so I've seen a lot of college boats and know a number of rowers at the uni. Personally, I would say that Oriel, Pembroke, Keble are the top three, but Wolfson has a few decent oarswomen too
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