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Looking for flatmates - London

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    Hi, my name is Thomas and I will be going into my second year at Imperial next year. I am looking into moving into a house/flat next year and would like to move in with any other students.

    So here's a bit of information about me, I enjoy music (and do play guitar) and I am friendly and sociable. I am originally from Scotland, and I like to party and go out to. I am a reasonably tidy person and I am a non smoker.

    My campus is in zone 1 and I would like to stay as close as reasonably (and cheaply!) possible. If your interested drop me a pm and comment below and maybe we sort something out!

    Hi, I'm Freddy i'm 22 and i will be going in to my second year in September. I don't know if your still looking for housemates but i would be very interested. I have worked as a chef previously so i know how to cook!, my interests are photography, music and i guess computer games. i'm very tidy i am a smoker.

    My budget is £160-£200 per week, and I am going to have to be commuting where ever i live so it doesn't really bother me where i end up. Ideally zone 1-2 though, and preferably on a good line DLR ?Also i am working at Eat, so you know expect copious amounts of free food. Let me know if anyone is interested and i will PM you my phone number. Freddy.

    Hi, I'm Nikolai. 23 year old Norwegian, starting Music Performance and Production at UEL in september. I'd be interested in a place in zone 1/2. My campus will be in Stratford.

    Main interest is music, obviously. I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist/bassist/harmonica-ist(?), who loves punk rock, folk and rock&roll. I also actively train and compete in martial arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / MMA). I can be tidy when I want to, non smoker. I'd like to live as cheaply as possible. Maximum budget is around £180 p/w. I can teach you how to defend yourself while screaming cool norwegian swear words.

    If you're still looking, let me know.
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