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AS OCR Physical Geography 17th May 2016

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    (Original post by FunnyHutch)
    I thought the 25 marker question was cruel! only letting us talk about challenges FOR economic development. Unfortunatly my time management was a bit poor so I ran out of time and just had to throw a conclusion on there. I only got chance to talk about accessabilty and fragility of ecosystems. (I did arid and used Egypt as a case study)

    Also, hoping if someone could answer my question. On the question regarding adaptations of fauna, I originally wrote about FLORA by accident. However, I realised by mistake and wrote my new answer on one of those extended paper booklet things. However, I forgot to cross out the orginal question! Really annoyed about it. Is anyone able to give me any advice about what the examiners would think about that? would they only mark my original answer etc..
    About your flora and fauna question, the examiners have to mark everything you have written and take your best answer if you've done the same one twice. Or the examiner will assume its all 1 question. Either way you will get the marks for your corrected pieces and they wont mark you down for getting it wrong.

    (Original post by cxxk)
    You can usually get away with just 1 case study for a 9 marker. It depends how much detail you went into. I only used 1 cast study which was Alaska and talked about the oil reserves they have there. Which case study did you use?
    For the rivers 9 marker I used Egypt and china, and for cold I used Alaska as well.

    that was the easiest 9 marker ive ever done, had you not done any of that in class?
    all you had to write about is toursim and oil
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Updated: May 21, 2016
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