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Is Berlin an expensive city for short breaks?

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    The reason I ask is because me and two of my friends are going on a 5 day stay and we are wondering how many Euros to take and what would be an adequate amount?

    I'm thinking of exchanging £270 which is about 345 in euros. I'm told this would not be sufficient in Berlin and would last maybe a day or so! Guess it depends entirely on your spending habits. For us, we'll be getting travel cards (for transportation within the city) and visiting museums and not going to high-end restaurants- with exception to maybe one night.

    Would it be advisable to exchange cash a few days before I go? Reasons been, I get paid fortnightly, although I don't get paid a great deal this week-- I do the week after next, but I go a few days after that.

    Any advise from personal exp about prices in Berlin?

    Commenting to find out, hopefully going to Berlin when I go interrailing and won't be staying for long if it's too expensive!

    (Original post by royal1990)

    If you've got your accommodation and all that jazz sorted and just need your spending money, then I'd say round it up to €400 to be on the safe side - you shouldn't need more than that but it's best to go with more than you need in case of emergencies.

    Compared with the rest of Europe, Berlin is pretty expensive, mainly since it's a capital city. However don't expect to be paying crazy prices like you would in London. There are also more expensive places in Germany you could be going..... ie Munich.

    Save money buy not paying on the S-Bahn if you're only going a short distance, like one or two stops. Tickets very rarely get checked but they're checked by plain clothes employees so you can't tell if someone is going to check them. If you get caught without a ticket it's only a €40 fine so for me it was a risk I was willing to take. If you're using the U-Bahn then you will need to buy tickets since some stations require you to put your tickets in a machine to get through barriers. You will also get mugged off if you buy food dead in the centre - if you want lunch then it might be easier to make your own for the day, do a shop at Aldi or something, it's slightly more respected in Germany than here and it's also cheaper. Eating out in the evening is going to be pretty expensive wherever you go though to be honest, so just make sure you go somewhere you want to eat. I'd recommend Hans Im Glück, it's a super cool burger restaurant and really nice. Berlin's also got loads of amazing street food thanks to all the Türken - there's Currywurst and Döner everywhere, both are usually quite cheap so you can get some of that too.

    If you want to visit the Reichstag building then that's free, just make sure you apply in advance.
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Updated: May 19, 2016
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