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Can Universities retract offers for bullying?

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    Is it likely that a uni would retract an offer if the school that the candidate is currently at tells the uni that that student has been bullying someone?

    No, but stop bullying people.

    I don't think they would but I think they should if the allegations were proven.

    Sounds unlikely, but the bullying should stop anyway.

    Unis can withdraw an offer if they think references were false. If a reference went on about what a wonderful, thoughtful, kind person a student was, and they were then thrown out for bullying? Still seems unlikely that a school would go to the trouble of trying to revise a reference, unless the bullying was at a level where a uni needed to be warned to expect some sort of violent sociopath.

    But seriously, the subject of the query should grow up before the Real World hits them like a ton of bricks. If they start throwing their weight around at uni, chances are they'll be squashed like a bug.

    You're like 17, 18? And you're bullying other people. Grow up! When you go to uni you'll realise how immature you are.

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    (Original post by Georgialouisaa)
    Is it likely that a uni would retract an offer if the school that the candidate is currently at tells the uni that that student has been bullying someone?
    I think it would depend partially on the nature of the bullying. If a student had physically assaulted another, and universities they had offers from was told about this, they would probably find a way to withdraw the offer in order to avoid liability should something similar happen at university.

    At the age of 17/18, if I was the victim of sustained harassment (which is what bullying is), then I'd go straight to the police. A criminal record for harassment would cause all sorts of problems for the bully in the future, not just in terms of getting into university.

    If you're the bully, stop, apologise once and avoid the victim from now on, then hope they don't decide to take things further.

    If it is you or a friend that is bullying then S.T.O.P.

    No one likes a bully, if unis hear or see bully behaviours it won't take long for them to throw ya out

    I believe a university can resend an offer whatever reason they feel like. It is their place to offer. I think it would depend entirely on the situation. Rumors of bullying are unlikely to get to a university but if there has been disciplinary action it is possible that the uni would find out and at least ask some questions. Universities turn down a lot of wonderful qualified students so if they find they have an applicant who will not be the type of student they are looking for, an asset to their university, they very well could resend an offer.

    (Original post by Hopefully1)
    I believe a university can resend an offer whatever reason they feel like.
    No they can't. Unless you have lied about your qualifications or falsified your application in some way, a university can't rescind your offer. Once you have accepted an offer it is legally binding, they can't just break it.
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