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help!!! as level ocr philosophy

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    whats the main differences between Augustine and Irenaeus

    ;thank u exams tomo as well so... pray 4 me :'(

    Augustine believed evil came from the fall of man and that god had created a perfect world ("God saw what he had made and it was very good"), therefore, since God did not create evil, evil is not a thing in itself, its a privation of good. God gave humans (and angels) free will and they chose to disobey god therefore creating an absence of good within themselves- this destroyed the state of perfection God had created.

    Irenaeus believed that we were not created perfectly but we could have been, he argues that God chose to create an imperfect world so that we could develop our morality through free will, pain and suffering must exist otherwise our actions would have no moral consequences. (swinburne then developed this and said that the virtues are in proportion to suffering, ie, compassion and pain, generosity and poverty, selflessness and corruption). Also, HIck added the idea of soul making, and theres something on God being at an epistemic distance and eternal salvation.

    So basically augustine believed the world was made perfectly and evil is our fault, and irenaeus believed evil is a challenge we have to overcome to show our morality. (????? I think, i might be wrong though, im just kinda hoping the problem of evil doesnt come up tomorrow....)
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