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UNOFFICIAL MARKSCHEME - ICT Edexcel (Living in a digital world) GCSE

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    (Original post by lily628)
    Thought I might as well try to get one together! Of course, I can't remember everything and I'm unsure on the order of things so help would be appreciated!

    1. [14]
    a. i. A
    a. ii. D
    a. iii. C
    b. ?
    c. Router
    d. ?
    e. The visitor uses data and so there is less bandwidth to go around
    f. Creating a Password / Setting up MAC filtering
    g. Speakers / Headphones / Remote Control
    h. The Law stating that you can't copy/share somebody's original work without their permission
    i. ?

    2. [14]
    a. ?
    b. IMAP
    c. Blog
    d. Some people don't have access to email and so this keeps them informed / doesn't leave them out
    e. WPA
    f. ?
    g. Report the comment / Block the User
    h. Lack of IT skills means less well paid job / feeling excluded from friends / Students with internet have more resources

    3. [16]
    a. ?
    b. ?
    c. Set up a password for the site?
    d. Cookies
    e. What images the users look at?
    f. ?
    g. He can use his laptop to view the photoblog and download an image. He can then connect it to the tablet, for example through a thunderbolt, and transfer the image on to it and save it.

    4. [18]
    c. 'define' www' lol
    d. 'define internet' lol
    e. Upgrade the processor speed so applications run faster
    f. Using a smartwatch you can monitor how many steps you are doing daily, and then through an app on your phone which is synched to it, you can view and analyse this data.
    g. Positive: Less paper used through people contacting each other online and people using digital books / Less plastic being used to create packaging
    Negative: They require electricity, which uses energy / Many are made from plastic which uses finite resources /

    5. [18]
    a. What is a secure way of recovering a password? [4]
    b. Why can’t the staff use social media? [4]
    c. What are the consequences of the availability of personal information online? [8]

    The Questions:
    1. [14]
    a. i. Which of these devices can be wired? [1]
    a. ii. ? [1]
    a. iii. ? [1]
    b. ? [1]
    c. What Connects the device to the internet? [1]
    d. ?
    e. How will the visitor connecting to the network reduce the quality of video? [f]
    f. How can you prevent people accessing the network? [2]
    g. Name two peripherals that can be used with the media Device [2]
    h. What is ‘Copyright’? [1]
    i. How can the nursery block inappropriate videos? [2]

    2. [14]
    a. Something about email? [2]
    b. What email protocol do they use, other than POP3? [1]
    c. They want to set up a website, what type of website should they use? [1]
    d. Explain why the nursery will give out leaflets of what is in the email [2]
    e. Which is the form of encryption? [1]
    f. ? [2]
    g. What to do if inappropriate comment? [2]
    h. What are the implications of the digital divide? [3]

    3. [16]
    a. Advantage of Photoblogging over email? [3]
    b. Privacy risks of photo blogging? [4]
    c. Reducing the risks of photo blogging? [2]
    d. What is transactional data stored as? [1]
    e. What type of transactional data will the nursery collect? [2]
    f. How will they use the transactional data? [1]
    g. How can Pete save a picture on his laptop and transfer it to a tablet without internet? [3]

    4. [18]
    c. Define WWW [2]
    d. Define Internet [2]
    e.How can it be changed to make the user interface better [2]
    f. How can Smart phones + wearable computers work together for health and fitness? [4]
    g. What are the positive and negative environmental effects of Digital Devices? [6]

    5. [18]
    a. What is a secure way of recovering a password? [4]
    b. Why can’t the staff use social media? [4]
    c. What are the consequences of the availability of personal information online? [8]
    1b was size affects the portability

    It was a tough paper, it really was. It, at times, had irrelevant Q's to the spec, so Edexcel should lower the grade boundary!

    I got 116/200 last year, in total; 4 from C.
    I need to get 125+/200 to secure a 'C' grade, IT can fxck off after.

    (Original post by Adzkii786)
    That was the most disputed question ever, it said something about "collaborative" so alot of people put wiki, some put forum (makes more sense) and some put blog. Idek what I put
    guessing it's going to be Forum... Blog is literally idk wrong i guess. WIKIs are good for collaboration but can be edited by anyone so...... i put forum because that can also be used for collaboration but no one can really damage the website.

    Is there a full list of all the answers?
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