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The Maths you need to know for GCSE Chemistry / Physics

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    Hi all,

    I've seen lots of people confused / upset because they didn't know they would be expected to interpret graphs or calculate percentages or do standard form in the AQA Biology 1 paper.

    You may not have ever been shown, but there is a handy page in each of the specifications that tells you the Maths Requirements of the course. For all three sciences you are expected to:

    1 Understand number size and scale and the quantitative relationship between units.
    2 Understand when and how to use estimation.
    3 Carry out calculations involving +, – , x, ÷, either singly or in combination, decimals, fractions, percentages and positive whole number powers.
    4 Provide answers to calculations to an appropriate number of significant figures.
    5 Understand and use the symbols =, <, >, ~.
    6 Understand and use direct proportion and simple ratios.
    7 Calculate arithmetic means.
    8 Understand and use common measures and simple compound measures such as speed.
    9 Plot and draw graphs (line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, scatter graphs, histograms) selecting appropriate scales for the axes.
    10 Substitute numerical values into simple formulae and equations using appropriate units.
    11 Translate information between graphical and numeric form.
    12 Extract and interpret information from charts, graphs and tables.
    13 Understand the idea of probability.
    14 Calculate area, perimeters and volumes of simple shapes.

    In addition, Higher Tier candidates should be able to:

    15 Interpret, order and calculate with numbers written in standard form.
    16 Carry out calculations involving negative powers (only –1 for rate).
    17 Change the subject of an equation.
    18 Understand and use inverse proportion.
    19 Understand and use percentiles and deciles.
    Thought it might be useful to some people to know!
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